A storm is building on the horizon. That storm is esports showing up at your school. It’s a great opportunity for everyone. The students, the parents, the community and the school. That storm that can bring great opportunity can also unleash a deluge of challenges. The one challenge we can help you with is where you will play. The esports practice facility, the arena - your home court. Does your school budget justify a new room or new arena? I guess that depends on how many millions of dollars you want to spend.

Our solution is to make the esports playing environment mobile. When you make it mobile you need to make it durable, you need to make it easy to manage and you cannot sacrifice the performance because the absolute foundation of esports is performance.

Most schools do not have an adequate competitive playing environment for an esports program. We can give that to you at a fraction of what a new facility will cost you. You will not have to sacrifice performance since our products are tested for performance at 1 gig, 10 gig and 40 gig with an EIA/TIA compliant certification tool that tests performance levels for cat 6, cat 6A and 8.

We make your gaming network mobile. We take flip top nesting tables and outfit them with our squid outlets. We take the gaming network cabinet that houses your switches and servers and outfit them with squid patch panels and then connect the tables and cabinet with our squid cables resulting in fully mobile gaming network that allows you take any empty space and convert it into a high performance gaming venue in minutes and then tear it down in the same amount of time restoring the space to its original use be it the gym, the lobby or cafeteria. We are the mobile networking experts whether it be the data center, the emergency response team, the office and most importantly your Esports venue.

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